Myrmecia pavida


Diese Art findet man in Steppen, offenen Buschland und lichten Trockenwäldern.

This species can be found in grass- and bushlands, heathlands, dry to semi-dry forests throughout southern Australia



Subfamily: Myrmeciinae

Tribe: Myrmeciini

Genus: Myrmecia

Fabricius, 1804

Species: Myrmecia pavida

(Clark, 1951)

General information

Description: Reddish brown, gaster black, mandibles yellow

Worker length: 17 – 24 mm

Queen length: 26 mm

Colony: Monogyne

Colony founding: Semiclaustral

Nest: Nest in soil with mound

Nest size: A few hundred workers in captivity

Lifespan (colony): 5 Years

Hibernation: No

Activity pattern: Diurnal and nocturnal

Care requirements

Climate: Subtropical

Temperature: 20 – 26 °C

Humidity: 50 - 60 %

Arena: Dry

Nest: Maintain a damp and a dry end

Food: Sugar solutions, insects and spiders

Enclosure: Large glass tank or terrarium

Substrate: Sand or loamy sand

Enclosure fit-out: Leaf litter, rocks, roots, bark, vegetation optional, water- and sugar solution bowls




Lebensraum/Natural habitat

Lebensweise/Habits and biology

Myrmecia pavida sind tag- und nachtaktiv. Sie suchen am Boden und in niedriger Vegetation nach Nahrung.

Es sind aggressive Ameisen die sofort ihr Nest verteidigen.

Myrmecia pavida are active during the day and also at night. Searching actively for food on the ground and low vegetation. They are aggressive and will defend their nest.

Ein überblick über das Nest dieser Kolonie.

Overview of the nest interior of that colony.